Howard Finster's Paradise Garden


To search and find

To find and take

To take and create

Create with purpose

To purport a power

To empower the purpose

To make what he's taken

and give to those

seeking to find

Things upon things

painted brown by rain

Messages of truth

painted on things

Bodies of art

Body of work

The words can not lie

Dry's now the paint

Truth upon truth

Man inspired

touches many

who come from all corners

Walking into the piece

Experiencing for the first time

Themselves as art

Part of his myriad media

One of many strokes upon a grassy canvas

And the sky, and the air, and the dust

Preconceived components of profundity

Art of a high and mighty order

The things he's found

The words and purpose

Masterpiece of a man empowered

to seek and find

and take and make

And frame the message of truth

The way the Bible's bound

Verse in three dimensions

Testimony as inspired as La Pieta

and as prolific as the Scribes.