Articulating a Corporate Purpose

Brevity should not always guide the creation of a message. Sometimes, being "short-and-sweet" doesn't leave room for the essential definition of what a company offers and what it stands for. In formulating a proper description of a brand, it's critical for a copywriter to achieve perspective - positioning the company in its rightful place within an industry or even as a crusader for something "better." Companies often start with dreams and aspirations of innovators with visions of unprecedented solutions. Creative genius needs to be communicated integrally along with clear, descriptive brand qualities.

LinkedIn Overview for iRoofing:

In auto racing, when one car closely follows another, the front car deflects air resistance creating a slipstream within which the trailing car can attain high speeds with relative ease and efficiency. Similarly, technology can assist the forward progress and sustainability of the construction industry. iRoofing epitomizes this dynamic. The mobile application is designed to inspire use of technology among contractors, providing them with instant, unlimited access to tools to support project success. The app accelerates the process by which products get to market and onto job sites. It eliminates mistakes in material orders and streamlines distribution. It helps contractors meet the expectations of 21st-century consumers who, thanks to technology, are now playing a greater role in the project lifecycle.

The company was formed in 2012 when an architect-scholar, a distributor of construction materials, and an IT specialist saw an opportunity to bring tech-driven solutions to the construction industry and longterm benefits to its workforce. Beginning with the $30+ billion U.S. roofing sector, iRoofing began to transform how projects are specified, presented, costed, sold, and supplied. From accessing satellite or aerial imagery, iRoofing can assess project needs down to the number of screws. By putting smart technology in the hands of contractors, the company initiated nothing less than a reformation of the industry’s business processes. But the purpose of iRoofing’s co-founders extends well beyond their current achievements. They are working on technical solutions that will coordinate the myriad data points within the vast webwork of construction. Their vision involves an industrial “ecosystem” defined by rapid access to information on new products and new ways to limit waste. iRoofing is also creating an environment for traditional construction workers to assume skills applicable to future opportunities in construction technology, automation, and virtual reality.


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