I'm a Poet? I Didn't Know It.


A rutty road flanked by scrub oaks silent hammocks...palmetto and sawgrass The road keeps going... reaching farther than I had imagined An old path preserved by a canopy of trees and the Mother's cushioning embrace

Together we bump along everything behind us wild and beautiful everything ahead the same, familiar but new

Two lives merging once more Our separate paths for now one Like the canopy of branches above our fingers intertwine our limbs stretch out around and between Like the land that's left unaltered So are we In touch with our true nature Still strong, even stronger after the stiff winds Old stands have given protection Love of life, of truth and honor

We meet again on life's rutty road This time wiser, comfortable in just coexisting A natural embrace, like the canopy above but with beating hearts and creative minds Friends, lovers, lives entwined.