Voyages of Discovery

[Excerpt from catalog writing based on a series of small-ship based nature voyages that I curated for International Expeditions.]

Long ago, great ships provided the only means of reaching the uncharted corners of our Earth. The Age of Discovery was borne on the wind. Monarchs’ dreams were embodied in ships and in the explorers whose grandiose ideas set sail Her Majesty’s vessels.

As the known world expanded, so too did the curiosity of naturalists. Charles Darwin, Henry Bates, Alfred Wallace...their legendary expeditions enlightened the world and, in a similar way, our expedition voyages aim to enlighten you.

Journey to the remote tributaries of the Amazon River in Peru and Ecuador; explore the Galapagos Islands; voyage around the western crescent of Cuba; or cruise among the glaciers and fjords of Chile’s Northern Archipelago and picturesque Chiloé Island...