Take the right approach to video scripting.

A few examples follow for videos produced for different purposes and budgets. The short-form video is a simple teaser produced on a budget which allowed stock video purchase from sources like iStock, BigStock, and Alamy. The music is rights-free and there is no narration. The long-form videos are educational/promotional in nature.

1. Short-form, restricted budget promotional video:

2. Long-form, on-location educational/promotion video:

3. Long-form educational/promotion video:

4. Long-form educational/promotion video:

5. Videos containing narration and/or subtitling are customarily scripted in a 2-column format with the draft narration on one side and the proposed video segments, transitions, music...on the other side.

The ability to visualize a piece that will seize and hold viewers' attention is challenging. Even with today's DIY production and editing tools, it takes a special person to be producer, writer, director and editor. By following proper methods, the videographer and various project stakeholders can clearly understand and envision what the video intends to accomplish, how it will look (storyboards play a role, here) and what tone it will carry.