Creative Writing. Exercise Your Brain.

For me, life experiences are best related through prose and verse. The practice of creative writing helps to hone the skill of a copywriter. It can make one better at transferring emotion and purpose into a brand or product's voice. Here's a sample of verse written upon departing Iquitos, Peru after a trying film shoot. It's one of many recollections in my book Words & Pictures.


Flight from the silt, from the river and the rain A world below mine, hot and insane Its foundation ever-flowing, in then out Nothing can be established on the River of Doubt We yielded to the aura of the name Expecting to see something inside the empty frame Sitting, wondering, thoughts a torrent Alluring the idea of being swept into the current Imagination and everything real goes fleeting by There is noise and confusion in this wet world gone awry Nothing to conceal or hold fast the skeletal ground Only in the forest's far reaches is sanity found Flesh of young Amazon women, perfectly honed Adds injury to insult for men all alone Cruel is the world in front of the frame Curse the armor-clad men who first came Let the forest insulate us again from this farce "Burn, picture!" (of the river-sea full of shit and motokars) Fly me away from the gallery I disdain Take me to a place where I'll know no such rain.